TTDI Modern House with Breezway Louvres

Anyone passing by would have their eyes glued to this elegant modern house, nestled in TTDI, Kuala Lumpur.
Courtyard with Breezway Louvres for ventilation
Breezway Louvres with security bars in entrance
Breezway Louvres are ideal for internal ventilation
Breezway Louvre Windows help ventialate bathroom areas
The unique design of this home stands out distinctly from other properties in the neighbourhood. The house’s interior was based on a Kampung House concept, connecting every part of the house,. Breezway Louvre Windows were installed throughout the structure to emphasise the existence of the outdoors, allowing cross-ventilation between rooms and natural cooling inside the residence. This design indirectly minimises the usage of air conditioners, thus reducing the energy bill.

Architect: TWO’s Company