New Office Facilities for Zimplex Thailand using Breezway Louvres


One of Breezway Malaysia’s Distributor in Thailand, Zimplex, recently moved to their new Sales Office located in Nonthaburi Bangkok.

The new Zimplex Office enjoys natural light and fresh ventilation with their Breezway Louvre Windows
Outside Zimplex Office you can see the creative facade using Breezway Louvres
By mixing different types of glass you can create beatuiful patterns with Breezway Louvre Windows
Breezway Louvres open wide to provide maximum ventilation

The entire building has been installed with Breezway Louvre Windows. By incorporating Breezway Altair Louvres with glass blades, the building optimises natural light and ventilation. This reduces the reliance on power-hungry air conditioning systems and allows individuals to connect with nature, maintaining a comfortable and healthy working environment throughout the day.

Architect: Please contact Breezway Malaysia for more information.