Luxury Pole Home, Balinese Style

Trinity Beach, Far North Queensland, Australia

Daniel Leipnik and Andrew Preston long cherished the dream of a laid-back, barefoot life in the tropics. After locating their ideal spot at Trinity Beach near Cairns in Far North Queensland, the couple sought out the most renowned pole home designer and multi-award winning designer Chris Van Dyke to design the home. This spectacular masterpiece perched up high on an ambitious hillside, bordering a World Heritage rainforest and overlooking the Great Barrier Reef, captures the natural beauty of what Mother Nature has to offer.

The extraordinary three hundred square meter Balinese inspired “pavilion-style” luxury pole home, presented many challenges along the way. Yet the result is a beautifully designed house that consists of four separate living areas, interconnected by outdoor raised walkways that extend through the forest.

Each pavilion is comprised almost entirely of Altair Louvre Windows (in component form with Standard Handles) with Clear Glass blades to take advantage of the ocean views and hilltop breezes. Timber and Satina Glass blades are also strategically placed around the home to provide privacy when closed and an abundant amount of fresh natural air when open. Framed glass bi-fold doors also allow natural light in and open up wide to further generate a sense of space, allowing visitors to connect with nature and be part of the rainforest experience.

This open, spacious, exotic house displays ultra-elegance and makes for a truly memorable TV event. Decorated with a blend of stylish but practical South East Asian furnishings that complement the design, the house maintains a tropical look common to surrounding Wet Tropic resorts.

The design and complexity of the building on a steep (almost inaccessible) block captured the attention of the Life Style Channel and their popular TV series Grand Designs Australia which went to air early 2012 after 7 months of construction.

Project Date: June 2012
Building Designer: Chris Van Dyke Designs Tel: +61 7 4038 3000
Builder: Reilly Building Services Email: Reilly Building Services